Dear Parents and Incoming Co-ed

inspired lang. I hate math pero di maiwasan kasi iyon ang ikinabubuhay ko. Kung may chance sana noon, maybe iba ang naging tadhana ko.
Graduation mode na naman….

Ilan kayang mga batang senior high ang magpapatuloy sa pag-aaral dahil iyon ang GUSTO nila…(Gusto because interesado, talentado at kaya ng brains),

Ilan din kaya sa mga incoming co-eds, ang pwenersa ng magulang na kumuha ng KURSONG PINANGARAP NG MAGULANG NA HINDI NATUPAD kaya ipapagawa sa anak kahit hindi GUSTO, DI KAYA NG BRAINS at NG Bulsa,
Ilang porsyento rin kaya ang mag-aaral lang dahil ayaw mautusan at magtrabaho, Inshort LUSTAY PERA LANG,

Ang kukuha ng kurso dahil iyon ang uso at shifter din sa susunod na semestre….
Ilan din kaya ang GUSTONG MAG-ARAL PERO ‘LA PERA, Iyong palihim na umaasam at naiinggit sa mga Co-ed na.
Ni-post ko ang katanungan ito para sa inyong mambabasa. Mahal ang tuition fee sana maawa kayo,

Maawa ka magulang sa ANAK at huwag mong i-pilit ang iyong gusto,

Ikaw din ang magdusa kong anak mo’y magluko,

Mahirap magtapos sa KURSONG DI NILA GUSTO,

Maniwala ka Nanay di Sila masaya sa edukasyong nakamit nila.
Maawa ka ANAK, Sa iyong Ina’t Ama,

Mahirap kumita ng pera para mapaaral ka.

Pahalagahan mo ang bunga ng pawis nila, 

Magtapos ka, Magtagumpay, at Tayugan ang pangarap,
Ikaw na UMAASAM na mag-aral huwag kang SUMUKO.

Alalahanin mo na hindi lahat ng MAYAYAMAN sa buong mundo ay GRADUATE SA KOLEHIYO.

Gamitin ang Talento sa ikakabuti mo.

Manalig ka sa sa KANIYA, at makamtan mo,

Ang pangarap mong Asenso.



Why was that? You know that your boat is sinking but you’re not doing the acts of survival? Is that depression?

I could not relate with people in this state of mind. Long time ago, i believe that i am one of the few collective people that was least expected to be in this situation. I know my plans and goals. I have ways to reach that goal. Everything in my life is on plan. I foresee the future as lucid as a crystal. I am organized. I list all the things i wanted and dreamed to achieve. After sometime, i will open that journal to cross each achievement. Then, i will re-examine it again. I will figure out why these goals were left behind. I keep doing this routine for ages now. I could say that it was effective. But, one day, for unknown reason, i stopped dreaming and believing. I just let things out on its own. If i am to describe my state of mind that time, it will be ‘I don’t care’.

I don’t care for the house arrears. I ignored call center representatives’ pestering calls. I am not concern with my fluctuating savings. I don’t mind if my credit cards are maxed out. I enjoy the comfort of my bed watching YouTube and reading app-based books. I don’t mind being hungry for i am lazy to cook. I just lay down doing nothing.

This was my routine for a few months. I know that something wrong but i just shrug it off.

But even i acknowledged and accepted this fact, i cannot let go. There is something wrong. I cannot leap forward.

This emotional trouble that i am experiencing is eating me alive. Then, one day i have a meeting with some associates. We discussed something about how you see the future few years from now? Upon hearing this question i froze. I remember writing some essays when I was in high school. How can you see your future ten years from now? I questioned myself. Is this how i visualized my future? My answer is no. I am worried. The deeper i ponder, the dimmmer the solution for my present situation. Just the same, I let myself on this depressing state.

This is not the first time that i have been into a very difficult situation. In fact, I’ve been in the most loneliest state of my life. That is losing someone. But i survived. So i tried analyzing why i am feeling this way? I have lost my old self. What i am doing now is the opposite of my real self. What is wrong? How I become like this? I tried surviving again. And i am always returning to being depressed. I have lost my enthusiasm to live and do the things that i love most. That is exploring and writing.

Because i see myself having no direction in life. I prayed. I remember, praying is my best weapon in everything. I have entrusted in him all my emotional burden. I feel his grace. But something is still missing. I continued doing this routine even though i can feel that i am empty. But i can see a glimpse of hope. Then i realized what is my real problem. Acceptance.


Depression is a personal battle. The battlefield is between the emotional and mental health. Depression caused incoherent coordination between the mind and heart. This is the reason why the human body cannot function very well. Human Body feels emotionally drained. And the thinking mind, says no you are okay. So you force yourself to perform well. This time, you try to conceal that you are suffering emotionally. A depressed person projects an impeccable facade. Personally, i tried showing everybody that i am okay. But in reality, I am not. As a result, i suffer alone. Maybe because i believed that i can solve it alone. I did not bother seeking for immediate help. Because i cannot accept that i am depressed.


As i accepted that i am depressed, I am not yet totally healed. My physical body is deteriorating. I become skinny. My family is troubled for my physical change. But they cannot identify why i am becoming like this. This is the awful truth that i have realized. The more you deny your feeling, the clearer is the manifestation of your sickness. I cannot deny it anymore. I have to acknowledge their help. I need their support.

A depressed person will not acknowledge the help of other people. When a person pushes you away telling you that they don’t need your help. Do not believe them. That is the first symptom of depression. Aloofness. Why? Because, they are trying to internalize everything that they are feeling. Sharing it to other people is not an option. Maybe because of fear, shame and rejection.


Everyday, as i wake up, i cannot see any motivation to live. To be honest, i always think of suicide. But whenever i see a knife or any sharp objects, i just laugh at my suicidal thoughts. No i am not that weak. I believe i can move out from this depression.

I have accepted that i am depressed. I acknowledge that something is wrong and i cannot take it anymore. I cannot solve it alone. So I acknowledge other people’s help. But i am not seeking any professional medical help. Why? Depression is not truly understandable sickness. When you consult a medical help, people will brand you of insanity. You are seeking medical help because you are crazy. Aside from the fact that medical professional help is expensive. It is not affordable. How can a depressed person seek a professional help if sometimes the cause of depression is financial? As for me that is the one of the few reason. I cannot afford it.

Everyday survival is crucial. I survive this day, how about tomorrow? What if i cannot take it anymore? I am lucky if family member is there to watch over me every minute. My survival tool is only one thing. Prayer. I have to motivate myself. I have to be cured. I should seek for direction to continue living. But my question is why i am feeling this way?

I now understand why people commits suicide. It is not insanity. Sometimes having no direction and motivation to live is the main reason.


I have to heal. Thinking of everyday suicide is hard. I have to found a drive for me to continue living. I ponder the reason why i am depressed. I revert. I visualize my life before i have this sickness.

I got sick. Medical Sickness. I was bedridden for few months. I cannot walk and breath. Those months, i am still strong and has a willpower to live. But because i am living alone all my financial sources was stashed. But i was not troubled. I have strong faith that i can get what i have lost. My aim is to get well and heal. But, when i report back to work, i learned that i was being badmouthed by a person i considered friend. She spread lies that all my sickness was all pretensions. They mocked me.

I got angry. I cannot believed that i almost died and there she is, spreading false lies. I nurtured that hatred. I cannot forgive her. I lost the appetite of working. It affected my working performance. I just report to work if i wanted to. Maybe i was burn out from work also that i wanted to quit.cvc I got a stressful job and working with that kind of person is very hard for me. I cannot pretend that what she did to me is just okay. I do not like to see her face. Maybe to some, it is not a big deal. But me, still recuperating from sickness, financially broken, troubled for indebtedness, pestered by call center’s representative, having trouble with the working environment. Frequently suffering from asthma and it causes me not to function very well, it is hard. For the first time in my life, i do not know how to begin living. I realized that when you are broken, people will cast you a stone. When you are in a cliffhanger, they will pushed you more to the edge of the cliff until you cannot hold your grip. People will never sympathize with you. Why? Because, they never know the feeling of being broken.

I maybe solve my problem, if i can endure traveling. But every time i go out, it is hard for me to go home. I am not suffering a simple asthma, for mine is triggered by so many factors. The major allergen that can cause my asthma is smoke, engine combustion, perfumes, air conditioning coldness, foods, dust and spices.

So losing all my resourc, i lost the willpower to live. I do not know where to start. But i have to heal. I have to be alive. I considered myself disable because i cannot go out to continue my passion; exploring.

As of today, I am still thinking of suicide. I am not physically well. I am still broken. But i have discovered myself while depressed. I found my passion. I love to write. This is my healing. Writing. I have to share my experience for my fellow depressed. Maybe, my experience is not the same with you but i hope that my writing somehow can give us all a glimpse of hope. We can survive.

…completed 6.17.18

Darkest Tunnel

Everybody is afraid of me,

If they’ll have to choose, i’m not an option

I am cold and not warm,

But i can make you sweat.

I can send shiver to your spine,

I can make you weak and numb.

I am dark with no trace of  light

But one day, a little girl was lost, 

No road to travel, but my cold post.

“Keep moving,   little one and search for the end.

There is the light, a glimpse of light!

Let it grow bigger, and please don’t come back again.”

I heaved a deep sigh, as if i am hurting, 

As the little girl pass thru, i can feel her pain. 

I am the darkest tunnel, and i am not good, i induce pain.

Years pass-by,  a lady is lost, she is walking as if enjoying my cold post.

“Keep moving passerby and search for the light.”

“It is okay, Mr. Tunnel. I just want to rest a little bit.

I have been here, so lonely and lost, 

Being here again, searching for light,

The prettiest light, that i don’t often see”.

A decade have past, an old woman is lost.

“Don’t mind me Mr. Tunnel, just let me through,

I may old  and weak but i can walk,

I am searching for the light, that only you can provide. 

I am not afraid, for i have been a constant passer In this darkest tunnel.”

So the lost little girl,was the lady and the woman,

My constant passerby, not afraid of the dark,

For in the end, she will see the light.
I am the darkest tunnel,  come it  be a passetby,

at the end there will be light.

Running Away

Running away is not my cup of tea.

I am fallen, it is hard for me to stand up again,

If i have forgotten you, forgive me lord,

Please ignite the passion that i may love again,

Please let me live, love and be happy again.

Harap na Upuan

From: Harap na Upuan 

Pag-akyat sa bus, kapansin-pansin pagkat walang laman,

Pag-upo sa jeep, nandoon sa likuran,

Sa MRT at LRT Papapuntahin ka sa unahan,

Pilit inuokopa ng mga taong walang pakialam.

Makapangyarihan ito, sa taong nakakakilala,

Kahit ikaw ang nauna, paalisin ka nila at wala kang magagawa. 

Kung ikaw ay nakatayo, dahil di ka na nakaupo, 

Kaiingitan mo ang mga nakaupo,

Lalo na kung sadyang binabakante ang Upuan Special sa pampublikong sasakyan.

Hindi ko na papangarapin ang upuan sa harap,

 kung ang katumbas nito ay habam-buhay na hirap,

Mas gugustuhin ko pa ang saglit na pagtayo, 

Kung kunting tiis at dusa lang ang hatid nito,

Pagtiyagaan ko na, dahil tiyak makakarating ako,

Kunting unat at ehersisiyo,

Pwede ng good to go, brand new na ulit ang bones ko.”

Ballad of a Mother’s Heart



Custom StudentMr. TeacherENG 1001-0416 August 2016

Ballad of A Mother’s Heart by Jose La Villa Tierra

The night was dark, 

for the moon was young 

And the stars were asleep and rare;

The clouds were thick, 

yet Youth went out To see his Maiden fair. 

“Dear One,” he pleaded as he kneltBefore her feet,in tears,

”My love is true; why have you keptMe waiting all these years?

 “The maiden looked at him unmoved,

It seemed, and whispered low:

”Persistent Youth, you have to prove

By deeds your love is true.” 

“There’s not a thing I would not do

For you, Beloved,” said he.

”Then go,” said she, “to your mother dear

 And bring her heart to me.

“Without another word,

Youth left and went to his mother dear. And opened her breast and took her heart.

He did not shed a tear!

 Then back to his Maiden fair he ran,

Unmindful of the rain;

But his feet slipped and he fell down And loud he groaned with pain! 

Still in his hand he held the prize 

That would win his Maiden’s hand; 

And he thought of his mother dear 

So kind, so sweet, so fond. 

And then he heard a voice, 

Not from his lips but all apart:

”Get up,” it said; “Were you hurt, Child?”

It was his mother’s heart.

Ballad of Mother’sHeart


The night was dark,For the moon was young,And the Stars were asleep and rare,The clouds were thick,Yet Youth went out,To see his Maiden fair.Dear one,he pleaded as he knelt before her feet in tears.My love is true,Why you have kept me waiting allthis years?The maiden looked at him.Unmoved it seemed,And whispered low.Persistent Youth,You have to prove by deeds,Your love is true.“There’s not thingwould not do for you, Beloved” saidhe.“Then, go.” said she. “To your mother dear,And bring her heart to me.Without another word,Youth left and went to his mother dear.He opened her breast and took her heart!But he did not shed tear.Then back to his Maiden fair,He run unmindful of the rain.But his feet slipped, And he felldown,And loud, he groaned with pain!Still in his hand he held the prize,That would win his Maiden’s hands.But he thought of his mother dear,So kind,so sweet,so fond.And then,he heard voice!Not from 

Sa Iyong Pagiisa

Sa Iyong PagiisaOrginally posted on FB July 1,2013.Dedicated to Friend)

Sa buhay ng tao, laging may problema,

minsan napakahirap na sobra pa sa ‘kaya’,

marami ang sumusuko at laging lumuluha,

iniisip ng ilan, bakit ba nauso pa ang problema?
minsan, sarado ang isipan dala ng matinding problema,

ang solusyon ng ilan, magpatiwakal at tumakas ng sadya.

may iilan din na pinipilit lumaban at kinakaya,

pero may nakalimutan, sila, ang isiping hindi sila nag-iisa.
ano mang relihiyon, ang pinapaniwalaan ng bawat isa,

magkagayunman, alam kong may pinapaniwalaan ka,

matututo sana tayo na sumuko sa kaniya, 

para maramdaman natin na di tayo nag-iisa.
minsan, ninanais natin na makita na lang sana,

ang pagdating ng problema para tayo ay handa,

pero naisip mo ba na siguro kung magkagayon,

tayo ay magiging lampa, hindi matatag, at nagpapadala sa alon.
Sa Iyong pagiisa, alam kong mapapaisip ka,

pag may problema, alam mong nandiyan siya.

pakinggan mo lang, tiyak magiginhawaan ka,

para ang buhay ay enjoy at hindi boring ang dala.
—thanks  sa pagbasa—