Maybe you are not at the right track after all

Sometimes, we think we know what we want. We have objective and goal. We are doing all our best to reach that goal. Later we realized that our goal is not the objective after all.

When I was at my first year in a parochial catholic high school, our English Teacher gave us a seat work. In a long bond paper there was a set of 20 directions to follow. The catch is, you have to finish the directions for thirty (30) minutes. Us(students), being naive and compliant, followed the directions per se. Our thirty minutes is up and no one reach the 20th r the last of the direction. The 20th direction is the most essential after all. That is to write our name on the top most right of a whole sheet paper. We laughed. Our English Teacher revealed that it is only a test to know if we read the direction first before doing the activity.

I remembered also my English Reading Subject when i was in elementary. I summarized it the way i can remember it.

“In an Elementary School, there is this small boy who’s dreaming to join the school basketball varsity. Because he is small, he ended up at the bench for every game. He dream of being the star player. He told himself that one day he will be the best player. So, he practice running fast and jumping high. But years passed, no one notices his effort. The boy did not give up. He continue to practice.

Oneday while he is running and jumping alone in the school’s basketball court, the track and field coach saw him. He convinced the little boy to join his team. After few months the boy won a gold medal for best jumper.

He later realized that basketball is not for him. But only away of achieving a better dream.

In life, we planned our future the way we visualize it. We wanted someone because we believe that they are the best for us. But, there is instances that what we wanted is not always right because there is the best waiting for us.