Month: June 2017

Untitled (The Good Master)

After the rocket fell unto the statue,

People did not realize what what to do,

People returned to their homeland,

They’d witnessed a butcherland.

Halflings will be slaughtered,

As history will repeat itself,

Identity of the culprit is unrecognized,

As people brawl and cried.

I can’t see the reason why,

But as of today i will post this sigh,

I am afraid to write this cry, 

But its better than to ask why.

The masterculprit might have think,

In order to clean the trash,

Empty  first then clean,

Classify recycleclable item,

Wash, remake, remodel and display again.

He might think that he is the almighty,

But goodness and mercy in him is empty.

Therefore the real master, will work,

Sending vision to those who can work.